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TLP explores how the Bible’s Truth can lovingly be applied to your parenting – regardless of the size of your family or the age of your children. We fill every episode with Scripture, practical application, and a large dose of insightful Brewsterisms for both moms and dads!

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NEW! Episode 41: Applying God’s Truth to Our Children’s Lives

Is it enough to share verses and outline rules? Will our children be able to functionally realize the Lord’s will for their lives just because we told them they need to obey God? Join AMBrewster as he discusses five ways to apply Truth to your child’s life.

Episode 41 Notes

A TLP Snippet 5: Transgenderism is Child Abuse

Parenting Wisdom in 5 Minutes or Less: Today we celebrate a victory in secular psychology and arm ourselves with vital parenting information.

Episode 40: Fearless Parenting

Parenting can be scary, but is fear ever a Christ-honoring choice? Is there a way to be a Fearless Parent? Join us today for hope!

Episode 40 Notes

Episode 39: The Indispensable Parenting Tool Called Revolving Priorities

When it comes to parent/child interactions, there may be no one tool (besides the Bible) more valuable than Revolving Priorities. Join us today to learn what it is and how to use it with your children!

Episode 39 Notes

Episode 38: The Communication House | God’s plan for family talk

Communication is one of the top three causes of family strife. Today we discuss how your family talk can glorify God today – learn the correct talk and correct the wrong talk.

Episode 38 Notes

Episode 37: Parenting a Terrorist | what to do when your child explodes

Screaming, kicking walls, and threats of suicide can shake any parent to their core. How can God expect us to be Ambassador Parents in the face of a terrorist attack from our own children?

Episode 37 Notes

Episode 36: Parenting Q&A | an interview with Tim Challies, Part 2

Christian author and parent, Tim Challies is back to answer your parenting questions. You may not have been able to submit a question, but there’s still plenty to learn! Join us as we all strive to become intentional, premeditated parents.

Episode 35: Parental Blindspots | an interview with Tim Challies, Part 1

Christian author and parent, Tim Challies is our guest today. He plans to discuss “parental blindspots” sometime after Aaron convinces him that they look too much alike.

A TLP Snippet 4: We Won!

We have been the beneficiary of an exciting and providential gift, and you’re going to want to hear all about it!

Episode 34: Should Christians Parents Participate in Emotion Coaching?

Emotion Coaching is a big deal in the world. Should it be a big deal in a Christian family? Join us today to discuss Dr. Gottman’s work and compare it to the work of godly parents.

Episode 34 Notes

Episode 33: Emotions and Parenting, Part 2

Today we address the carnage of emotional parenting and discover the Truth that sets our parenting free.

Episode 33 Notes

Episode 32: Emotions and Parenting, Part 1

It is so easy to parent our children emotionally. We yell, we cry, we panic, we overreact. But none of it is helpful. Today we begin a study to see why God gave us emotions and what role they play in our parenting.

Episode 32 Notes

Episode 31: Should I Ever Ignore My Child’s Sin?

What does God mean when He says that “love covers a multitude of sin?” Does that mean there are certain sins we can ignore? Find out today what God meant and how that affects our parenting.

Episode 31 Notes

Episode 30: Teens and Dating: what God has to say about their crush

Did you know kids like each other? Yeah, they actually develop crushes and start hanging out more. Next thing you know, they want to kiss each other! But, did you also know the Bible doesn’t say anything about modern dating practices? So, what do we do? Do we teach our kids what worked for us? Or is there biblical Truth that applies to my daughter and her boyfriend? Join us today as we find out what God has to say about your child and their crush.

Click here for Episode 30 Notes.

Episode 29: Valentines, Communism, and Communicating Biblically

Stop celebrating Valentines’ Day like a communist! Instead, teach your children how Christ would have dealt with the giving and receiving of Valentine’s gifts.

Episode 28: A Prediction Concerning Sexuality in Your Children’s Generation | the problem and the cure

The world has perverted sexuality to the point where it’s almost unrecognizable . . . but it’s only going to get worse. What should you be doing to prepare your children for the future of sexuality? Join AMBrewster and he describes the problem and proposes biblical solutions for your family.

Episode 27: The 5th Way to Parent, Part 2 | the only parenting style that glorifies God

Join us today for the conclusion of our study to find out who “The 5th Parent” is and how his parenting works.

Episode 26: The 5th Way to Parent, Part 1 | the only parenting style that glorifies God

How do you parent? What’s your style? Listen today as AMBrewster discusses the 5th Parent and how we can all become one through God’s perfect Word.

A TLP Snippet 3: Parenting Until the End of Time

It’s AMBrewster’s mom’s birthday, and he has some important things you need to learn from her.


Episode 25: Parents, Kids, and Techtation

AMBrewster talks to parents every week who have no idea how passionate the world is about exposing their kids to sexuality. Today we discuss “techtation” and learn to prepare and defend our kids from the unrelenting onslaught.

Episode 24: How the World Trains Your Kids to Fail

Satan wants to destroy your children, and he often uses entertainment brimming with Failure Philosophies to do it. Join the discussion as AMBrewster unpacks just one song in order to help us all be able to see and answer the lies our children will encounter.

Episode 23: What God Thinks about Your Kids’ Music

Our kids love their music, but is God pleased by what they’re listening to? Today we discuss five things we should never allow our families to consume through their headphones and speakers.

A TLP Snippet 2: Those 4 Little Words

Parenting Wisdom in 5 Minutes or Less: We make our children say them, but why are they so hard for us to breathe? Today we see what those 4 little words are, how we should say them, and why we should say them as often as possible.

Episode 22: 5 Ways You Take God’s Job

Isn’t it funny how we mortals try to wear God’s shoes? Next thing you know, Tokyo is flattened and our houses are shattered . . . and the job we thought we could do so well is left miserably undone. Join AMBrewster as he unveils the top five jobs we steal from God – and fail at.

Episode 21: One Type of Advice to Avoid at All Costs

There are many “Failure Philosophies” out there, but this one should be pretty easy to avoid. Don’t allow these lies to influence your parenting!

Episode 20: 10 Things Parents Miss by Mark Massey

Today’s list of “10 Things Parents Miss” is more than just cigarette butts and porno mags. Join us for some insight from Mark Massey, the director at Victory Academy for Boys.

A TLP Snippet 1When Do I Get to Flip Tables?

Parenting wisdom in 5 minutes or less: “Jesus flipped tables. When do I get to flip tables?”

Episode 19: 6 Observations from a Family Counselor

Today marks AMBrewster’s tenth year in family counseling. Join him to glean six powerful truths from and about biblical counseling.

Episode 18: Refocusing Your Family after the Holidays

Transitioning your kids from vacation to “real life” is hard, but these four ideas may make the merger enjoyable and beneficial for your family!

Episode 17: The Most Important Thing I Can Say to Parents

Today we discuss the single most important tool for any parent!

Episode 16: Planning for a Successful Family

Premeditated parents plan, and New Year’s Resolutions are a wonderful part of that process. Join us today to learn what types of resolutions your family needs to make, and how to successfully implement those resolutions all year.

Episode 15: Make Your Family’s Christmas “More”

Is it possible we don’t do enough in our celebration of Christmas? Is the holy baby and the presents all there are? Today, AMBrewster shares four things you can do to put the Savior back into Christmas.

Episode 14: Kids and Movies: Parenting Your Kids to Success

There’s life-altering, spirit destroying element hidden in your child’s favorite story book. Join AMBrewster as he reveals the most destructive thing about our entertainment and how you can successfully parent your children through them.

Episode 13: Parenting Blood to Water

How did Jesus relate to His family when there was a disagreement? Join us today to unpack the deeply cultural yet biblically incorrect worship of family.

Episode 12: Prepare Your Children. Don’t Protect Them.

There are things in this world we must protect our children from, but there are also battles our children must fight themselves. They don’t need to be protected from those onslaughts; they need to be prepared to meet them head on.

Episode 11: What Should Your Family Be Thankful For?

Today Aaron shares some encouragement for your family at Thanksgiving and exposes his family’s little secret.

Episode 10: Fluffy Children’s Ministries

Are the spiritual authorities in your kids’ lives teaching them Truth or helping them become moral pagans? Join us today to find out if the teen and children’s ministries in your church are too “fluffy.”

Episode 9: It Only Takes a Generation to Die

Will your zeal for Christ pass on to your kids? What about their kids? What can you do to give your children the best spiritual chance possible?

Episode 8: One Way to Make Family Time Work

Quality time is vital to the health of our families. We’ve read the statistics and seen the fallout that results from fractured relationships, and we don’t want it to happen to us. But making Family Time work is so hard!

Episode 7: Stop Being the Leader!

Do you really want to lead your family? Then stop being the leader. Join AMBrewster as he unpacks this paradoxical concept.

Episode 6: 10 Ways You’re Making Your Family Life Harder Than It Has to Be

It’s scary when we realize that many of the perceived issues in our houses may – in fact – stem from our own warped philosophies. Please listen with ears to hear and a heart to change – this may be God trying to get our attention.

Episode 5: Removing the Mask: 4 Ways to Better Understand Your Child.

Fresh from the 40th anniversary ACBC conference, AMBrewster talks about highlights from the week and four practical ways you can understand your child better.

Episode 4: Don’t Lose Your Influence!

The ability to influence your children for God is one of the greatest gifts you have. Losing that ability means the death of your parenting. Join AMBrewster for a vital discussion concerning how to maintain influence in your home.

Episode 3: Five Steps to Becoming a Premeditated Parent

Imagine being a parent who’s “characterized by fully conscious willful intent and a measure of forethought and planning.” Doesn’t that sound amazing!? Download today’s episode to learn 5 steps to becoming a Premeditated Parent.

Episode 2: Why It’s Always about Me

Join AMBrewster as he unpacks this uncomfortable Truth about parenting.

Episode 1: Who We Are and What That Means for you

Join AMBrewster as he introduces Truth.Love.Parent. and explains how he desires to use God’s Word to help you become an intentional, premeditated parent.